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營業時間 / 週一、二、三和五 PM13:00~PM18:30(每週四公休)

                 週六和日 AM09:30~PM18:30

地址 / 苗栗縣苑裡鎮天下路127號

電話 / +886 37 866071

傳真 / +886 37 866071

電子信箱 /

The rush-weaving industry had generated good revenue for the local community in Yuanli Township in the past, and woven rush products were once a major item for export in Taiwan about 60 years ago.However, the gradually developed manufacturing industry replaced the traditional hand weaving techniques, and the rush-weaving industry had experienced a fall for approximately 40 years. Currently, the age of women who have mastered the rush-weaving techniques ranges from 60-90.There is a huge talent gap, and the prices of woven rush products for sale hardly cover the manpower cost. In addition, the price competition between  woven rush products and imported woven grass products also make young people be not willing to join the industry. If the situation continues, the precious cultural heritage of Taiwan will gradually disappear from our daily life.




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地址:426台中市西區民生路360號 / 電話:(04)23012715

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